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Slender – SCARED ALREADY!!! – Attempt 1


SUBSCRIBE This is my first attempt of a scary game called “Slender”, in which a tall thin man with no face follows you around in a forest as you collect notes that say stuff like “Help Me!”, “He Follows”, “Can’t Run”, “Don’t Look Back”. Be prepared for some scary shit in future episodes that might [...]

Allies Animal Intel Building A Bird House


Allie builds a bird house with her Dad. Then she paints and decorates the bird house. Thank you for watching. All video is video I created, shot and own. It was edited in Pinnacle Studio 14 by Avid. All title visuals are from Pinnacle Studio 14 Which I am allowed to use. Here is the [...]

Minecraft 1.3 Adventure 3- KILLER WATER!?!?!


Let me know in the comments below if you know whether that water thing was some kind of 1.3 update or just a weird glitch. If you like this dont forget to rate the video it really helps. Thank you for your time. Tags minecraft 1.3 adventure update cool new water killer wood ax amazing [...]



Check out our friends Ashley and Alex from Only1ATeam who we mentioned in the video: TWITTER: FACEBOOK!: iTUNES: Tags: Kaytuhpai Katie Wood Joe Skutnik vlog daily vloggers vlogging long distance long-distance couple relationship LDR Jesse Jeana boyfriend girlfriend BFVSGF cute adorable funny video blogging love Shaytards Shaycarl family Katilette funny Only1ATeam cute [...]



We’ve decided to start vlogging our lives when we’re away from each instead of only filming when we fly to see each other. We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 3 years, and majority of our relationship is spent apart. We want to show you what it’s really like to live 800 miles away from [...]

Marijuana [Spotting] AKA Hot-Knives.


Just a couple spots. Nothing major.

Funny Angry Birds Movie


I was board

MineCraft solo play PT.1


Hello uys spidermatt here na d to day u can see my new minecraft videos.sorry about the lag my texture pack messed up the video for some reson and sorry about the sound qulatiy but yeah hope u enjoy it SORRY about the start had to trim it down

E Harmoney With DJ Pauly Dangerously We Love Cats 4


E Harmoney With DJ Pauly Dangerously We Love Cats Eharmonic Dating and Marriage I love Cats too Beaaaachis Loves a many splenderd thing! E Harmoney and DJ Pauly Dangerously We Love Cats Eharmonic Dating and Marriage I love Cats too Beaaaachis Loves a many splenderd thing! Biggest Loser Paul Marks Golf football portable wood mill. [...]

Cats With WorkShop Noises (Funny)


My cats making unsual funny noises

Hardcore Episode 1: I’m baaaaaaaaaaack


Back to Making vids it will probably be a while till the next one Tags ___________________________________________________________________________ minecraft letsplay lets play let’s play legend breny beast potato orgy brenybeast zoidking3 zoid king zoidking runescape lololol magical candy mountain awesome back break wood axe first night scared lol im such a scaredy cat Funny Haha “video game” [...]

Forest Fight


SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Forest Fight is a Short Film where four wizards go in a wand duel and things get dirty… Enjoy.

Minecraft 1.2.4 Update – Realistic Cats, New Blocks, Better Chat, & Bugs Squashed!


I take a look at the new update available this week for 1.2.4, and run down the list of new features & fixes added. Stay tuned after for a little treat involving the new blocks! Hey! I’m Adam (aka Swimming Bird), and I play games every day. I love you guys, and I read every [...]

Funny Human Dog on Tree Swing


Freddy the dog absolutely loving the tree swing! Swinging canine antics and ninja kung fu skills from the king of the swingers – Have you ever seen a dog do this? And just look at that wagging tail, he’s loving it! treeswing trees branch Dog funny hilarious Humour Comedy Puppy Dogs Joke Fun Laugh Cute [...]

water jug explosion with cats!

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