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Rough! Just like your doggies like it!


Dog sitting – Watching my sister’s dogs – and attacked by them constantly. Well, not in a mean way, in a playful way. Making my morning calestenics very difficult however. I look like crap. Nice morning hair, have not shaved in days. Bags under the eyes from not sleeping, and apparently got an extra chin [...]

Dogs Turn Into Sissy Cats During Thunderstorm


My big tough dogs turn into sissy pussy cats when the lightning strikes here in California… The next morning they were back to themselves, I just thought this video was funny.. Dogs are cool, I take them to In-In Out for cheeseburgers when they’ve earned it.. They’re not getting any treats this week for their [...]

Dogs fighting each other for their youtube videos copyright content !! – Funny video !!


This is a funny comic video this time for some seconds the audio quality is poor but if this videos rolls on than from next time i will serving hd videos to u all !! Hope u will bear this time thanks enjoy !! Take care !! More and better coming up soon !!

Dog does zombie dance around new chew bone


Find this funny? Share it with your friends! Our dog Katie was just given a new pork shank bone (her favorite kind) that we picked up at Ace and this is how she reacted to it. Quite insane and funny I do say!

Best of WTF 1


Best of WTF 2 : Retrouvez nos autres vidéos sur Et sur le blog : Vous pouvez nous suivre sur Twitter Et sur la page Facebook :

Sunday Morning: Walking three dogs w/ a camera = BAD IDEA!


After breakfast I thought it would be lovely to walk my dogs. However, post short walk, I’m not sure lovely is the word I’d use to describe it! Lol it was funny for some to watch and the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves! Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing!

Henry Episode #2



Beautiful German Shepherd play in Snow with Aussie Shepard Lab Mix


Akirah and Axel are Schutzhund trained German Shepherd that live in Michigan with their little buddy Sam the Aussie Shepherd Laborador Mix. extra tags: dogs puppies snow cute animal videos dogs play with ball chasing ball schutzhund german shepherd laborador australian mix Sheprador funny animal video cute dogs

Sure like a gate will stop us!


We put a gate in our front hall to keep the pups in the dog area… It worked for a short while but when you give a German Shepard a little to much time to think about things this is what happens!

Dog steals and pops 2 BALLS!


On 2nd March 2012 This happened: It all started when my classmates we’re playing football and a German Shepard poped up , grabbed the ball and actually poped it. Some time after that i went outside to look for it , and it was there , in most of the time there was a ball [...]

Cute puppy (What you doing?)

img_10194_cute-puppy-what-you-doing.jpg Funny Pets I am in love Cute puppy (What you doing?) Cute, puppy, german, shepard, alsation, dog, dogs, adorable, pet, playing, pets, doggy, lol, funny, am, in, love, you, thing, 可爱的小狖德国牧羊犬阿尔萨æ-¯

Black lab vs German Shepard & Jack Russel


This is a short vid of my 3 dogs Play Fighting! Really funny to watch!!) XD

Dog Eats My Nuts,then Spits em out


breaks open the nut and leaves the shell

Two stupid dogs : Dirty and funny


Disclaimer: I do not own Two stupid dogs This is an episode of 2 stupid dogs with show and tell, watch ALL the way through My childhood has been Destroyed LOL

Raina and Tebow Playing


Funny dogs playing

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