How to keep squirrels OUT of your bird feeder – FUNNY!!


How to keep squirrels OUT of your bird feeder - FUNNY!!3 tips to use to keep these critters out of your pole-mounted bird feeder. Each tip comes with a hilarious example!

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8 Responses to “How to keep squirrels OUT of your bird feeder – FUNNY!!”

  1. bwelmhouse1 says:

    They’re great launchers!

  2. cullyvan says:

    We’ve got one thats beat everything and even plays chicken with our dog. Ive decided to live and let live.

  3. Cattrix999 says:

    hahahaha,, your comment was hilarious. “Bad squirrel, you can’t be up there!”

    giggles,,, oy.

  4. GodDamnDogs says:

    That is too funny! I have a baffle underneath my bird feeder that keeps the squirrels from climbing from the bottom, however they just jump from the nearby trees onto the top of the feeder!

  5. bwelmhouse1 says:

    LOL :-) 

  6. Dave Hodgins says:

    They always find a way..these creature are more intelligent than ppl

  7. brody12380 says:

    i threw a log at the squirrel it pooped and ran away and never came back

  8. bwelmhouse1 says:

    They constantly outsmart us, adding to our ire. I try to stay clever enough to be 1 step ahead of em.

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